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  • 10ml Fragrance Atomizer Spray
  • Premium

Pepe Jeans Perfume by Pepe Jeans London, Plan on revving up your night out with the girls when you're dressed to the nines wearing the luscious and captivating Pepe Jeans. This radiant women's fragrance combines powdery, sugary, nutty and aromatic accords for a lightly sweet and flirtatious aroma that will have you holding everyone around you in a trance. To start, notes of tangerine and almond work together to create a bright, enticing atmosphere, which is only enhanced by the entrance of fluffy marshmallow. Following these are almond milk and vanilla at the heart, infusing a soft, creamy center that's given a boost of mystery with a splash of frosty vodka. Completing this intoxicating perfume are base notes of amber and musk for a gentle yet sensual foundation that lingers on your skin well past your final round of drinks.

Pepe Jeans Perfume By Pepe Jeans London

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