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  • 10ml Fragrance Atomizer Spray
  • Premium
  • EDT
  • Alien Man Cologne by Thierry Mugler, Electricity and magnetism – unbound currents flow and spark, energetically dancing, following their own path. The alien is on a quest for his counterpart in a journey that touches many worlds. Launched in 2018, Thierry Mugler Alien Man cologne is surreal, sensual and manly. Definitely odd by Earthly standards; unique and indifferent to human ideals, it sets its own path in a way mere humans find puzzling and confusing – but always intriguing. Dill reinforces the masculine impact of the fragrance in the top, along with woody and slightly tobacco beechwood and flirtatious aniseed. Primitive leather envelops the heart with animalic nuances. An overdose of erotic Osmanthus blossom creates the magnetic strength, while Cashmeran wood adds a solid and strong note. Sweet and slightly fruity apricot and rich, white amber gives a resplendent base. This scent eludes description. Truly alien in its approach; an icy exterior masks a warm and approachable heart. Intoxicating and mysterious, it revels in its human guise. There is something irresistible within; you may find humans returning to take another whiff in their attempt to identify the indefinable.

Mugler Alien Man Cologne

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