0.33 oz Rollerball EDT (unboxed)

Juicy Couture Bye Bye Blues Perfume by Juicy Couture, Bye bye blues perfume from juicy couture. This fragrance is part of the rock the rainbow collection from juicy couture and released in 2018. An amazing aquatic floral perfume with a sexy warm embrace. Very captivating yet casual enough to be worn every day. You will fall in love with how fresh this scent is on your skin. So addicting with a personality that is so inviting. The top notes are lemon, water fruits and aquatic notes. The heart notes are lotus, bluebell blossoms and blue orchid petals. The finishing notes are amber, musk and driftwood.


What does "Unboxed" mean?

Unboxed items are genuine, authentic, fresh and 100% original. Sometimes the outer box gets damaged in transit so it is removed. Unboxed items always contain the same original fragrance as the boxed versions and have never been used before. They are the best way to save.

Boxes can become damaged while shipped or handled, or the bottles can be scratched so we can purchase them for less and pass the savings on to you.

Juicy Couture Bye Bye Blues Perfume By JUICY COUTURE

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